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Spin Clean Record (LP) Washer MK II


The Spin Clean Record Washer

Enter my new friend the Spin Clean Record Washer Mk. II. Yes, it looks like a play toaster you'd find at a toy store - think bright yellow fisher price. In reality, it's not much more complicated than a child's toy. It's completely manual, sort of like a hot wheels carwash I used to have. Google it. This is really simple. Drop the guide rollers in, slide the two velvet cleaning brushes into place, fill the reservoir to the line with distilled water, add a few capfuls of the supplied cleaning solution concentrate and you are ready to clean 20-50 records, depending, of course, on how filthy they actually are. Unlike most record-cleaning contraptions I've seen, the Spin Clean cleans both sides of the record simultaneously. All you do is manually turn the record a few times and you're done. Pull the record out, dab it with the supplied lint-free cloths and let it air dry. I used my dishwasher.