The Birth of Universal Remotes and the Darblet Video-Enhancement Processor

Paul Darbee, inventor of the universal remote control and the DarbeeVision Darblet video-enhancement processor, talks about both inventions, including how he came up with the idea of universal remotes, how they were intended to solve the problem of lost remotes as much as reducing coffee-table clutter, the DarbeeVision processing algorithms and how they behave like a super-sophisticated unsharp mask to add dimensionality to 2D images, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

Run Time: 1:04:09

Paul Darbee has been a serial entrepreneur all his life.Paul's current venture, DarbeeVision, adds depth and realism to digital images in real time for consumer electronics.

Previously, Paul was a cofounder of Universal Electronics, the leading manufacturer of universal remote controls and a successful public company (NASDAQ-UEIC).Paul invented the preprogrammed universal remote control and holds dozens of patents on remote control and other technologies.

He became interested in how the brain processes images over forty years ago, when he founded his first company, Optonics.Paul umpires youth baseball and is a big fan of physics and math.