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Sigma DP1 Compact Digital Camera with DSLR-Sized Sensor



In Use

As I mentioned, I had the DP1 on hand for months, and I ended up with hundreds of photos. For snapshots, I used the highest JPEG setting, and for some of the bench tests, where specified, I used the RAW format for comparisons.

So, let's look at some pictures. I set the camera to Program and ISO 100 for all photos, except where indicated.

Here is a crab apple tree loaded with fruit. The color depth makes them look like you could grab one right off a branch.




























These lillies have excellent detail and color depth in spite of being intensely pink.















Yellow, which is often very tough on digital cameras, was not an issue here with this huge sunflower.





























Here are some orange flowers that I shot in front of a court house in Colorado. Again, you can see that the depth of field is narrow, at f/4.5.















This shot of an office building shows the value of a wide angle lens, as it gives very dramatic pictures. The pale blue sky was exposed just as it appeared in life. Normally, that sky might have been washed out because the side of the building was in shadow and the camera would raise the exposure to compensate. If you look at the gray scale results in the bench tests below, you will see that the DP1 lowers highlight exposure, and this is why the sky is properly exposed.





























The soft pastels of these rocks in a playground came through perfectly.














This close-up of a wooden carving of a human face was shot at f/4.0, so parts of it are out of the depth of field. Flash would have let me close down the f/stop, but it would have also produced unwanted reflections.





























This is a photo taken in RAW format, where I placed the camera on a table because the exposure was 0.5 seconds. Because the original was an X3F (RAW) file, I would have expanded flexibility in processing it to give the final photo with more illumination in the shadow areas without making it noisy. However, I must wait until Adobe adds the X3F decoding in Lightroom to do that.













And, the grocery store vegetable rack standard photo for all my camera tests. It looks just a bit underexposed, but the colors are all very natural.