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Specifications : PSB SubSeries 6i Subwoofer

  • Design: Bass Reflex (Ported)
  • Driver: One 12" Polypropylene Woofer, 2" Voice-Coil, 53 oz Magnet
  • MFR: 29 Hz -150 Hz ± 3 dB
  • Power: 225 Watts RMS
  • Controls: Volume, Crossover, Phase (0°/180°), Crossover Bypass, and Master Power
  • Dimensions: 20.8" H x 16.4" W x 21.3" D
  • Weight: 41 Pounds
  • MSRP: $749 USA
  • PSB Speakers


The PSB Subseries 6i subwoofer is a very unassuming-looking product, albeit a little on the large size by today's standards. It has a single 12" driver in a ported enclosure. There are two ports that exit at the bottom front of the cabinet. The volume and crossover controls are mounted along the bottom of the front part of the cabinet as well. This arrangement allows the 6i to be mounted inside a cabinet.

Subwoofer PSB Sub Series 6i ratings

The 6i is powered by a 225 Watt (continuous) BASH Class H Discrete MOSFET amp. This amp will accept single-ended line level inputs or high level inputs from a power amp. There is a 0° and 180° phase toggle and an on-standby/off toggle on the rear. The sub comes with decent, adjustable floor spikes.

Sub 6i

All in all, the 6i represents fairly pedestrian styling and design, but its performance is quite sophisticated. The driver in the 6i is apparently very rigid and the cabinet loading provides a well-dampened (tight) subwoofer system.

In Use

This sub was something of an enigma for me. It didn't look very great. It has a plasticky front panel, ports and feet. Its black ash vinyl also contributed to its monolithic aesthetic. But when you turn it on and reflect back on its modest price, then your concerns over its looks will soon melt away. It was a real nice performer. Take, for example, the score on the Blu-ray of the Transporter. This sub reproduced the bass line of this music with surprising nimbleness and pitch definition. It also played loud enough to provide a very convincing performance on action films.

The Transporter

Like in the stampede scene in Australia where the Subseries 6i produced fine bass weight as the herd thundered through my theater. Later in this film, during the attack scene, the bass drive from this sub tickled my innards: pretty impressive considering the power rating of this sub along with the larger size of my theater space. There was surprising bass weight in many of the action movies I enjoyed while auditioning the Subseries 6i.

The Subseries 6i helped preserve the rhythm and tempo in music listening. It didn't have the tightest bass I have ever heard. In comparison to my Hsu Research sub, however, the 6i sacrificed a certain amount of bass extension, but made up for it with improved timing, pace and it even bested my Hsu sub in the pitch definition department.

I was very impressed with this sub's performance, especially at only $750. I just wish PSB would produce a version with a little nicer finish. If your priorities are to get great sound at a low price while not being overly concerned by the looks of your sub, then you owe it to yourself to audition the PSB Subseries 6i.