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Aperion Verus Forte Home Theater Speaker System


Aperion Forte Home Theater System on the Bench

All the below measurements are in-room response. The frequency response tests were performed at 1-meter and the distortion measurements were on-axis near field measurements.

The on-axis frequency response is fairly smooth from 400 Hz to 16 kHz with minor peaks at 5.5 and 12 kHz. The response below 300 Hz was not as flat due to room interactions. Most modern receivers can compensate for this unevenness.

The off-axis response starts rolling off gradually above 10 kHz and this explains why I preferred them toed in to face directly at the prime listening position.

The 1 kHz tone was produced by the midrange driver and there was just 0.25% THD at 95 dB.

The distortion reading dropped to 0.13% at 95 dB and 250 Hz.

I was quite surprised that the little dual bass drivers were able to achieve 95 dB at 80 Hz with less than 1% THD. This validates my choice of an 80 Hz crossover.

The 5 kHz plot shows a degree of hash in the response, but the distortion measurement is a low 0.12%.

At 10 kHz and 90 dB, the Verus tweeter measures less than 0.16% THD.

This is the in-room plot at 1m on-axis. In the critical range between 30 and 80 Hz, this is the smoothest in-room response I've gotten from any sub so far.

At 80 Hz and 95 dB, the THD was 1.87%.

This is still very low distortion for a compact sub.

The Bravus sub reached its practical output limit at 30 Hz and 95 dB.