CEDIA 2012 Show Report

SECRETS Cedia Team Show Report the CAVE.  Don't miss the OPPO prototypes for the new BDP-103 and BDP-105 shared with the SECRETS Team.

On the way and arriving in Indianapolis yesterday and today.  We are hitting some of the press conferences and the show floor will be the hot ticket for Thursday.  Eventhough a number of important companies are not participating this year, we have our usual team covering, so we are looking forward to spending a bit more time with many of the exhibitors and discovering some of the new things that you may not have heard about yet!  

Indianapolis is always a bit of a trick to get to when you are coming from the Left and Right Coasts, no direct flights and so it always takes a full day and everyone prays for no weather delays.  The only snafu so far is that all five of the SECRETS Team were booked into the same room at the Omni...OOPS, that isn't going to work!  Thank goodness Piero arrived on Tuesday and we found out in time to fix things. So Piero, Chris Heinonen, Chris Eberle and Robert Kozel are on the ground.  Cynthia Johnson, Managing Editor, arrives Wednesday evening.  Also in attendance is David Rich, attending conferences......David will not be doing direct show coverage but may have some impressions to share next week.

Be sure to check back on Thursday, Friday and over weekend for some excellent coverage of CEDIA 2012