CES 2008 Show Report Part 2


Totem was also featuring was has also become a favorite is the on-wall Tribe 3. Featuring their hand-made "Torrent" woofer, the Tribe compliments visually flat panel TV's.


Still one of the most unique speaker designs, Salagar introduces a total package for home theater which includes the Sonnet S207 ($8,200/pair in the painted finish), the Sonata S212 subwoofer ($3,800), and the Serenade S307 center channel ($4,900). "DROP DEAD" gorgeous with an automotive quality finish on the sensuously curved chassis'! Heavily, heavily internally braced the cabinet felt solid. Reminiscent of musical instruments, the new line follows the Symphony S210 introduced last year.



The speaker stands are optional but they look so great together I'd think you'd spend the extra $700 for them.



The Sonnet S207 is a 2-way, 2-200 watt powered speaker with a 1" soft dome tweeter and a 7" mid-bass driver. Similarly the S307 center channel has an additional 7" driver. Inputs are either balanced or unbalanced and Salagar provides 4 programmed configurations for room settings done at the factory upon ordering, all done through an RS232 connection on the rear. The S212 subwoofer has a 12" active and 12" passive radiator and is powered with an ample 500 watt internal amplifier.






Although I only heard a 2-channel demonstration I was struck by open, airy and detailed presentation. I'd love to spend some time with this system, I'm pretty sure I'd never let them go. (