SACD Players

Marantz SA-15S2 Reference Series SACD Player



Somewhat subjective the SA-15S2 allows 2 digital filter choices, (3 on the higher end units). Essentially as the manual explains, Super Audio and standard CD disks have built-in filter characteristics and Marantz offers the following chart recommendations:

Filter TypeAudio CDSuper Audio CD
Filter 1 Faithfully reproduces all audio information. Intimate sound image and positional relationship of audio source are clearly reproduced. (Asymmetric slow roll-off filter). *default factory setting. This is a direct mode that does not perform any filtering of DSD data (the Super Audio CD's recording signal). The original source data is reproduced without any alteration capturing the sound's natural texture and spatial dynamic.
Filter 2 Faithfully reproduces all audio information with distinct audio contour. (Asymmetric sharp roll-off filter). Faithfully reproduces all audio Intimate sound image and positional relationship of audio source are clearly reproduced.

I can say for the most part I left the filter on 1 as I found it the most pleasant.

Remote Control

Marantz SA-15S2 Reference Series SACD Player

Marantz includes the svelte RC003SA all silver remote control. Extremely functional it can also control other Marantz units like a preamp for volume control and input selections. In fact because I find the standard play selections along the face of the SA-15S2 a bit hard to read unless I'm up close and with my reading glasses, the remote handles all functions other than the main on/off which is a hard switch.

Dominating the face of the remote placed slightly higher than middle, (perfectly placed for your thumb when you grip the remote) the most used play/pause/stop fast forward and rewind dial.

Filter selection, DAC mode, Sound mode (which switches between SACD and CD), track selection and program, digital on/off and various other display selections all capable on the remote.

Some of the features such as a DC filter, External Clock input, digital Phase Inverter for balanced outputs and Noise Shaper are specific to the SA-11S2 and not available on the 15S2.