Samsung SP-A900B Single-Chip 1080p DLP Projector


In Use

Clone Wars

Computer-generated animation looks good on pretty much any display. On the A900 it was simply stunning. The series Star Wars: The Clone Wars was a great example. This makes heavy use of painter-like textures rather than the 3D surfaces common in Pixar films. Objects have a more weathered and well-used look. The fine gradations of color were readily apparent no matter what the color or brightness level in the scene. The dirt and grime on things like spaceship hulls and floors made me reach for a mop more than a few times!

Star Wars

I don’t normally evaluate displays using DVD content but I just had a hankering to watch Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (hey George Lucas, where is that Blu-ray?). Since the A900 has SMPTE-C as a color space choice, I employed it here since that is the DVDs native gamut. Flesh tones looked more pleasing and natural rather than the slight redness that I’m accustomed to. It’s a subtle difference but a noticeable one. I had not created a SMPTE-C color profile on my reference Anthem LTX-500 before but since trying it out on Star Wars, I consider it a must.


The utter annihilation of life as we know it never seems to occur on a bright sunny day with warm lush color does it? The world of Terminator Salvation is no exception to this rule of moviemaking. The entire film exhibits a bluish tint radiating a coldness that I could feel in my chair. This type of color presentation can make the image flat and lifeless but the A900 did an admirable job of preserving some dimensionality. Facial detail was very good with well-defined skin textures on all characters. Details like razor stubble and perspiration were able to pop out despite a color palette that ran the ragged edge of monochromatic.

Deep Inpact

The disaster film Deep Impact was my sampling of a natural color presentation. This is a superb transfer with very accurate color. What struck me most were not only the excellent flesh tones but the textures of different characters’ skin. This is what really sets a display apart from its competition. The A900 has exceptional optics and it really showed here. There are other projectors with accurate color and good contrast performance but the 3D effect of a good lens has to be seen to be appreciated. With so much high-quality content available today on Blu-ray disc, it only makes sense to pair precise imaging with equally precise optics.