Integra DHC-80.1 Surround Sound Processor



The Integra DHC-80.1 exceeded my expectations in every way. As a controller, it is extremely flexible and capable of anchoring a large and complex system. Sonically it easily holds its own against more expensive processors, especially in the digital domain. Every movie I watched using it was an excellent experience. The detail and transparency were simply stunning. It had the most useful video processing I've yet encountered in a pre-pro. To date, this is the only box I've encountered that does a proper job converting film-based DVDs to 24p. Coming from a confirmed video geek, this is huge for me. The extensive calibration options make the 80.1 one of the more advanced video processors out there. A request to Integra – please consider Anchor Bay or Sigma for the next generation. That would be incredibly hard to improve upon.

There are several companies now marketing home theater separates. Integra has delivered the first controller I've used that gave me no issues whatsoever. The HDMI handshake worked every time and switching between sources was about as quick as anything I've experienced. Since the 80.1 is compatible with pretty much every source on the planet, there is almost no system that will not be enhanced by this supremely capable controller. Add in a good amplifier and you will be so far beyond the common receiver, you'll never go back. The Integra DHC-80.1 is now part of my reference system as I purchased at the end of the review. Therefore, it receives my highest recommendation.