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Monster Turbine High Performance Ear Buds



Monster, long time suppliers of speaker cables, interconnects and power conditioning products, has recently entered into the portable audio market. They now offer a full range of products from the Dr. Dre branded Beats headphones all the way up to the professional Turbine Copper Pro ear buds. I had the pleasure of checking out their middle-of-the-line offering, the Monster Turbine High Performance ear buds (Monster calls them "In-Ear Speaker".) First, if you don't know what the term "ear bud" means, well, if you have an iPod, you have a set of ear buds. It means ear phones, but the kind that insert into the ear canal, as opposed to headphones that fit over the ears like a cup, or on the surface of ears.


  • Full-Range Ear Bud
  • Tangle-resistant Cable
  • Cable Length: 4.5 Feet
  • MSRP: $179.95
  • Monster

Since the introduction of Apple’s iPod, the selection of earbuds has grown by a large amount. Choosing a pair can be quite the task. Most people will head to their favorite big box store, or to an Apple store and grab the first thing they see. I’m fairly sure the average Secrets reader cares a bit more about the sound quality of their portable experience. There are some great offerings out by other companies like Ultimate Ears and Shure, so Monster does have some stiff competition in the market. Personally, I have experience with Shure earbuds, as my last pair were the e2c, a pair on the lower end of Shure’s product line. The Turbines list for twice as much as the e2c, so a direct comparison between the two isn’t quite fair. I will focus mainly on my experience with the Monster Turbines.