Floor-standing Speakers

Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 Home Theater Speaker System


The Sonus faber Venere 3.0 Speaker System On The Bench

All below measurements are in-room response. The frequency response tests were performed at 1-meter, the distortion measurements were on-axis near field measurements with the mic tip precisely 1' from the driver under test.

The on-axis frequency response shows a classic floor bounce suckout between 200 – 250 Hz as would be expected based on the set up. The treble is nicely extended to about 25 kHz. There is a slight prominence in the bass from 70 – 100 Hz. There is strong bass extension to about 34 -35 Hz.

The off-axis response starts rolling off gradually above 10 kHz while the floor bounce is less prominent. This plot demonstrates a choppier response due to other boundary effects though.

The 1 kHz tone was produced by the midrange driver and there was just 0.16% THD+N at 100 dB.

The distortion reading dropped to 0.11% at 100 dB and 250 Hz.

At 100 Hz and 100 dB, the THD + N remained quite low at just 0.41%.

Still pumping out 100 dB at 60 Hz, the Venere 3.0's kept the distortion at inaudible levels (1.36%).

At 30 Hz and 95 dB, the Venere's lit up the scope with harmonics, but the measured value was still quite low at just 3.85%. The distortion rose rapidly when I raised the volume or lowered the frequency from here but this is a solid test measurement for these modest sized speakers.

The 5 kHz plot was quite clean and the THD + N at 100 dB was just 0.46%.

At 10 kHz and 100 dB, the Venere tweeter measures 0.20% THD + N. This is one of the cleanest responses I have measured from a conventional dome tweeter at a 100 dB SPL.