Floor-standing Speakers

B&W CM8 Tower Speakers



The CM8 is a beautiful example of English industrial design. Elegant, superbly finished and detailed, they are visually drool worthy and a welcome addition to a living space. Thankfully the gems from Bowers and Wilkins also have the sonic goods to back up their good looks. The CM8s are speakers for people who love music and also love design. Their footprint allows them to comfortably fit into smaller apartments and lofts and fit in aesthetically as well. Sound of this caliber seldom comes from such a small package.

Combined with the wide distribution afforded by Magnolia Audio Video, truly luxurious sound is available to the masses. Sure, 2,200 dollars isn't exactly an impulse buy but look at the CM8s as an investment in years of listening pleasure. Also, few speakers retain the resale value of B&Ws so should you feel the need to upgrade you'll be amazed at what you'll get for these years down the road. My extended listen with the CM8s has reinforced my respect for the engineering talents of Bowers & Wilkins. With the CM8s you essentially get a mini monitor with better dynamics and bass extension though not the substantial SPL capability of larger floorstanders. The CM8s are beguiling, seductive and good value, they deserve an audition.