Floor-standing Speakers

B&W CM10 Floor-Standing Speakers


The Design and Setup of the B&W CM10 Speakers

The CM line from B&W has been out for a few years now and includes bookshelves, center channels, towers, and a subwoofer. The CM10 is the first model in it to include the B&W tweeter in an external pod like their top of the line 800 Diamond series models. This design helps isolate the tweeter from the rest of the cabinet and help with dispersion.

Moving it outside of the cabinet also creates space for a third driver compared to the CM9 speaker. With a 1" tweeter to handle treble and a 6" Kevlar cone midrange, there are three 6.5" paper/Kevlar cones for bass as well as a rear port. With this large assortment of drivers the B&W CM10 is rated to extend down to 28 Hz making it nearly fully range.

All of this fits into a relatively small tower, available in a variety of finishes. Mine came in Piano Black and looked stunning. The finish on them is a bit too sharp-looking for a home theater room as they do a good job of reflecting the image from my projector as well. In a projection room I would opt for one of the wood grain finishes and save the piano black for a family room where I can show it off.

Setting up the CM10 is easy but does take time. They are a heavy speaker and well packaged and I recommend using a friend for placement. I secured the bases and spikes myself and them moved them into position. Fine placement is hard to do with the spikes by myself as the weight lets them dig into the carpet. I eventually settled on them being very wide in my room, with a bit of toe in, to produce the largest image.

Over a few weeks I drove the B&W CM10s with a variety of amplifiers, from a Halo A31 to an Arcam receiver and an Anthem Integrated. With an 8 ohm nominal load and 90 dB sensitivity I never had an issue pushing them to the levels I desired. I experimented with the port plugs but preferred the extension with them installed. I didn't hear any port chuffing or other issues that would cause me to use them with the CM10s. Go to Page 3: In Use