Floor-standing Speakers

THIEL CS3.7 Floor-Standing Speakers



Many people spend their time in this hobby trying to get "more." But once you reach a certain level, the quest is for less: less coloration, less distortion, fewer flaws. The THIEL CS3.7s are already at a place where there's little more to ask for, aside from 12 Hz more bass extension. Where they excel is in the "less" department. They are, as far as I can tell, flawless in their transparency and musical presentation. They're as close to tonally invisible as I've heard so far in my room. Combine that with world class imaging and soundstaging, and plenty of bass power and extension for all but the most committed bass nuts. The result is an exceptional speaker that should be at the top of the audition list for anyone looking for a $10,000+ speaker. Just remember to bring a serious amplifier, and make sure ALL the other electronics are up to the level of the CS3.7s. I will be sorry to have them leave my room. As with some other equipment I have reviewed, there's no chance I personally can afford to keep them. I am sure jealous of anyone who can!