Floor-standing Speakers

Klipsch Palladium P-39F Floor-standing Speakers


The Design

The Klipsch Palladium is also the size of a bookcase, at least in height if not in width.

At the top is a horn-loaded tweeter, with a horn-loaded midrange driver underneath, and then comes three 9" cone woofers (not horn loaded).

Klipsch P-39F Speakers

A close-up of the tweeter and midrange is shown below. You can see that the drivers themselves are located deep in the throat of the "horn". You can also see tha the enclosure slopes to a point in the rear, sort of like the bow of a boat. This eliminates standing waves since no opposing sides are parallel. The review speakers came with the natural finish in a real wood veneer that resembles Zebrawood. There are two other versions with darker stains.

Klipsch P-39F Speakers Top

Looking into the throat of the tweeter shows that the driver is covered by a wave guide.

Klipsch P-39F Speakers Tweeter

The midrange also has a wave guide.

Klipsch P-39F Speakers Midrange

The point of these photos is to illustrate that the tweeter and midrange are not just conventional drivers sitting at the back of a horn. There is a lot of engineering that has gone into their design. The result is a sound that is properly dispersed no matter where you sit in the room.

For woofers, the P-39F uses three 9" drivers, as you can see in the photos at the beginning of the review.

There are also three large ports on the rear side of the enclosure, and each speaker in a pair is the mirror image of the other, that is, the ports are not on the same side of each speaker. We arranged the review pair so that the ports were on the outside of each speaker. Also, in the photo below, you can see the speaker cable (Slinkylinks) coming from the underside where the binding posts are located. Because the cable binding posts are mounted on the bottom, you need to put these speakers on the spiked feet that are included, and we used small indented discs for the spikes to sit in, so that the feet would not damage our carpets or hardwood floors.

Klipsch P-39F Speakers Ports

The speaker binding posts are set up for tri-wiring if you like.

Klipsch P-39F Speakers Binding Posts