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Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speakers


Conclusions about the Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speakers

I enjoyed every minute of my time with the Definitive Technology AW 6500's. They were a breeze to install; their sound was balanced transparent, emotive and clean. I actually decided that they would be my new outdoor speakers within the first week.

But then I took them inside for bench testing and all I could do was exclaim, "Zooey Mama!" the way Greg from "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" might say. That's because the AW 6500's tested better than many indoor speakers that have passed through my system. It really surprised me, to be honest. Sure I knew they sounded good, but I didn't expect the results that I was able to measure.

So the AW 6500's get my highest recommendation for outdoor speakers. Give them a listen if you are looking for outdoor speakers that are easy to drive while offering a balanced, clean sound that can fill a large open space.