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Yamaha BD-A1010 Aventage Universal 3D Blu-ray Player


Conclusions About the Yamaha BD-A1010 Aventage Blu-ray Player

The Yamaha BD-A1010 is a fine, full-featured Blu-ray player, with most of the options one would want. Picture quality is good to excellent, especially for HD material, and navigation speed and design was quite good. However, for the same suggested retail price you can get an Oppo BDP-93. The Oppo has as close to perfect picture quality as we've seen, and virtually the same complement of features, slightly better build quality and a much better remote. At full retail, it's hard to recommend the Yamaha given this obvious comparison. However, the price of the Yamaha will fall much more quickly than the Oppo (which likely won't fall at all until it is replaced). In fact as I write this the A1010 is easily found for $400. This definitely makes the decision between the two less clear. Personally, I feel that $400 for the Yamaha BD-A1010 is still too high; at that price I would recommend spending up for the Oppo. But there aren't many other Universal players on the market, so if you're in the market for a true universal player, competition is sparse. Given that the Oppo defends the $500 price point quite easily, I'd say the Yamaha BD-A1010 would be a good buy at around $350, assuming you primarily watch Blu-rays, and won't do much SD DVD watching. Also, if you are one who likes to have matching components, and you have an Aventage receiver, the Yamaha BD-A1010 is a great choice.