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Oppo BDP-103 Universal Blu-ray Player


Conclusions about the Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray Player

For those coming to the BDP-103 expecting a standard Blu-ray movie to look better, or even different, than with the BDP-93 or BDP-83 you'll come away disappointed. Just like those players, the BDP-103 is pixel-perfect and outputs exactly what is on the disc. The Oppo has plenty of adjustments available, but thankfully stays away from offering the difference Scene Modes that many other vendors are intent on offering now, and sometimes even defaulting to. Everything about the image coming from the Oppo says "Reference Class", be it Blu-ray or DVD content.

Of course, Oppo has kept up by offering far more features than they had on their previous players. The online content has been improved, as has network streaming and playback. Most notably they have added HDMI inputs with processing as well as 4K-output capability. While many other vendors are dropping analog audio outputs, Oppo has kept those around and tweaked the audio output compared to the BDP-93, which was already very good. Oppo has shown they are determined to not fall behind in the Blu-ray race, and have added features we haven't seen anywhere before.

This year saw what I felt was one of the first mass-market players that really gave the Oppo a decent competitor in the Sony BDP-S790. With many of the features we expect on the Oppo, such as dual HDMI outputs and a Source Direct mode, the Sony offered up phenomenal performance for its price. However it also tripped up on the Blu-ray Benchmark a couple of times on tests that the Oppo passed without issue. It also lacks many of the more advanced features, like subtitle shift, that some dedicated home theaters need, and it is not a fully universal player with 8 channel analog outputs. Finally, it does not have the HDMI inputs and video processing for external sources that the Oppo offers.

Other players have come out firing at Oppo, but none has yet to dethrone it as the reference Blu-ray player. It has output that is perfect, has features that no one else has been able to offer, and has performance in all areas that leads the industry. For the single best Blu-ray picture available, the Oppo BDP-103 is untouchable.