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Denon DVD-1800BD Blu-ray Player - Benchmark


On the Bench

Standard DVD Video Processing Performance

The 1800 features Panasonic's Uniphier chipset solution which has seen several revisions since its release. Standard DVD performance doesn't seem to be a priority for Panasonic's engineers though because players that use the Uniphier solution still exhibit trouble with poorly encoded DVD material.

The 1800 was unable to lock onto our high detail 3-2 cadence wedge patterns. Similarly the player also couldn't correctly decode 2-2 material and so both video and film material that is encoded poorly will lose substantial detail and combing artifacts will be visible. On the upside, the player did pass the syncing subtitles to frames test and the Super Speedway high detail test. The 1800BD is a motion adaptive player that applies diagonal filtering.

When we ran the 1800 through our CUE tests, it passed the 3-2 chroma tests but failed on the 2-2 CUE test as well as the more difficult ICP CUE test.

Core Video Performance

Measurements of the 1800 were taken at 1080i with the Tektronix Oscilloscope from the component video outputs. The player showed no problems with Y/C delay, passed the blacker than black pluge test, and did not crop any pixels on our pixel cropping test. The white level was measured spot on at 100 IRE. The frequency response shows a gradual declining slope into the highest frequencies which translates into a slight lack of sharpness in fine detail. All of these results represent above average performance in Secret's core video performance tests.

HD Video Performance

The 1800 performed fairly well on our set of HD performance tests. The player does do correct 1080i/p conversion so the limited amount of Blu-ray material that is encoded in 1080i will appear without loss of detail. The player also passed both our diagonal filtering test and our high resolution pixel cropping test. This shows that it can enhance scenes with diagonal edges and movement and produces an image without truncating any of the edges. I have only seen a couple players with really good digital noise reduction and the 1800BD fell a bit short of passing the test.


The 1800BD had a layer change that clocked in at right around a second which gives it a passing score for the test and overall had good responsiveness.

Denon DVD 1800bd Blu-ray Player


Denon DVD 1800bd Blu-ray Player


Denon DVD 1800bd Blu-ray Player