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Marvell's high-definition digital entertainment products enable world-class media processing, providing consumers with a groundbreaking audio/visual experience. By capturing, processing, and rendering high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) content, Marvell's digital entertainment products deliver video at up to full high-definition 1080p resolution with superb clarity and accuracy. With an outstanding price/performance advantage, the Marvell HD digital entertainment products will be key components in the following application.

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The Marvell micro-architecture is at the heart of embedded and other solutions that power today's digital lifestyle: from the enterprise to the home to the consumer. Featured in applications such as hard disk drives, storage controllers, routers, switches, mobile GPS, smartphones, and portable media players, Marvell's unique, ARM-compliant CPU architecture powers a vast range of devices. Based on the ARM instruction set, the Marvell micro-architecture is optimized to meet the demands of the various applications it serves and to provide extensive design flexibility. As such the micro-architecture has been developed as two unique platforms: Marvell Feroceon and Intel XScale.

Marvell's commitment to micro-architecture innovation is clear: Marvell is one of a few select companies to hold a full ARM architecture license, which has been utilized to develop the high-performance, cost-efficient, and scalable Feroceon micro-architecture. In addition, following Marvell's acquisition of Intel's cellular and handheld business in 2006, Marvell is continuing development of the high-performance, ultra-low-power-consumption Intel XScale micro-architecture, now in its third generation.

The ARM instruction set architecture is surging to market prominence as the dominant standard for embedded CPU solutions. With vast engineering resources dedicated to enhancing the ARM-compliant CPU cores, Marvell is uniquely positioned to leverage the pervasiveness of the ARM instruction set. In addition, customers can take advantage of the comprehensive suite of hardware, platform enabling tools, and industry-standard ARM tool chains for increased time to market.