Onkyo LS-B50 Soundbar


Conclusions about the Onkyo LS-B50 Soundbar

Soundbars aren't for everyone. Simple physics dictate that they cannot match the fidelity of even the most basic traditional stereo speaker arrangements. Conversely, nothing out there can match their ability to blend in visually, or their ease of setup. The wireless woofer alone is a deal maker for some.

It comes down to what you want for a given installation. The greater value may lie less in it being an instant home theater and more in it doing double duty as both an upgrade for the TV's built-in speakers as well as a better than typical dock for your iPad/Phone. If however you buy into the hype that it will provide "3D sound" and fill your living room with high fidelity audio, you will be sorely disappointed.

If your TV speakers are particularly poor, upgrading them with this set will certainly help and you'll get a background music device to pair with your Bluetooth enabled source, but those seeking satisfactory hi-fi in a soundbar are advised to look elsewhere.