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Studio Electric Loudspeakers announces the release of their new F2 floor standing speaker. Building on the success of their well-regarded M4 monitor and larger FS1, the F2 is the company’s attempt to redefine what can be achieved in an under $10K floor standing speaker. According to veteran designer David MacPherson, “Our monitors have been praised as a “new reference” by reviewers and by owners. Now we want to offer a larger speaker that retains the same great sonic characteristics as the M4.”

Studio Electric Loudspeakers F2

The F2 is a 2½ way speaker using (2) of Studio Electric’s proprietary HighX™ woofers and a recently developed 1” soft dome tweeter. The crossover features tight tolerance air core inductors and custom capacitors by ClarityCap. The extensively braced cabinet features a 1.5” baffle board. A variety of exotic hardwood veneers are available. (Shown in African Padauk)

Loudspeakers F2

The F2 design is a bit unique: “We know it is a bit unorthodox to use both sealed box and vented box low frequency drivers in the same system. And frankly, it presented some challenges. But in the end, we created a system that has solid low frequency extension down to the mid 30Hz range, plus the effortless mid-range and smooth high-end our previous designs are known for”.

Loudspeakers F2 Closeup

Loudspeakers F2 Back

Price range for the Studio Electric F2 is $6900 to $8400 depending on finish.

Loudspeakers F2 Bottom Feet

Studio ElectricAbout Studio Electric

Dave MacPherson, managing partner at Studio Electric, has a 30-year history designing and building speaker systems for professional and home use. Thousands of loudspeakers designed by Dave are in service around the world.