— All the Power, Performance and Listening Luxury of Snell’s Flagship Illusion

in a Smaller, More Streamlined Cabinet —

LAS VEGAS, January 6, 2010 Snell Acoustics, a leading manufacturer of high-performance and custom-built loudspeakers for more than 30 years, has announced the availability of its new Phantom B7 loudspeaker, first shown at CES 2009. The Snell Phantom (SRP: $25,000/pr) is engineered to provide the prestige, style and incredible sound of the company’s flagship Illusion, only with an acoustic design befitting of conventional living rooms and smaller footprint. In keeping with Snell’s pedigree and its “No Compromises” sound proposition, Phantom features many of the same astounding audio characteristics and leading-edge technologies as Illusion, including the innovative, continuously variable cabinet design and extraordinary best in class parts list.

Ultra Premium Transducers; Matchless Crossover Design

To achieve its full-range, entirely uncolored audio reproduction, Phantom integrates ultra premium transducers with Snell’s matchless crossover expertise, resulting in unimpeded clarity and unrestricted detail. Whether used for music or home theater sound, Phantom delivers rich audio texture, dimension and presence to every seat in the listening area, enveloping the listener with incredible bandwidth and precise imaging.

Designed by Joe D’Appolito Ph.D., Snell’s Chief Engineer, Phantom boasts dual 4.5” machined XL magnesium midrange drivers mounted over and under an extremely low-resonance 1” SEAS XL silk dome tweeter with neo-magnet. This configuration, called a D’Appolito Array, is a fine-tuned symphony of driver elements, transducer parameters and geometric layout, and time-domain design of electrical components, all conspiring toward a single goal: a coordinated wave-front with smooth and consistent axial dispersion. The resulting 3-dimensional soundfield brings together clarity, definition, transient accuracy, and dynamic potential, with the freedom from coloration that is achievable in no other way.

Further enhancing the dynamic listening experience afforded by Phantom are dual 8” aluminum woofers coupled to the loudspeaker’s unique enclosure, ensuring fast, detailed, extended bass to nearly 30Hz. In addition, Phantom’s discrete crossover boards for bass, midrange and treble dramatically reduce distortion while allowing for triamp (triwire), biamp (biwire) and single amp connectivity.

Continuously Variable Cabinet Geometry

Like the flagship Snell Illusion, Phantom features Snell’s continuously variable cabinet geometry, with gently curved surfaces and a sculpted, statuesque appearance. Snell woodworkers and design engineers spared no expense in the creation of this exceedingly labor-intensive cabinet, which houses a full spectrum of fast, sublimely musical transducers, integrated with an exceptionally precise crossover network. The combination of the continuously variable cabinet geometry and sophisticated audio components results in a superbly balanced, highly dynamic device that creates a nearly holographic soundstage that puts voices and instruments not just in their proper location, but in the their proper size relative to each other – with consistent acoustic characteristics at every listening level.

The Phantom Finish

Snell’s stellar reputation in the audio world for their fine wood finishes and craftsmanship is exemplified in Phantom. The standard finish is high-gloss black under multi-coated, hand-rubbed clear lacquer. But virtually any paint finish, however familiar or exotic, is available under special order.

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