High-Definition digital imagery is now one click away for Internet-connected TV owners who want to use their TV as their biggest picture frame

PHILADELPHIA (December 15, 2011) — Screen Dreams, a leading developer and distributor of Galleries, Wallpapers and Screensavers for all flat-panel and HDTVs, today announced its first-ever paid TV application available to users of Yahoo! Connected TV. Consumers who want to get the most out of their TV monitor can now enjoy an ambient viewing experience through Yahoo! Connected TV. The Screen Dreams App allows consumers to access and stream famous works of art, world-class photography and Screen Dreams exclusive Fireplace and Aquarium video content, transforming the monitor into a digital picture frame.

“Consumer interest in viewing Internet content while watching TV continues to grow, with one in three broadband households using Internet connected TV at least once a week,” says Russ Schafer, Senior Director of Yahoo! Connected TV Marketing. “This enables publishers, developers and advertisers the opportunity to engage and interact with consumers like never before. We are excited to partner with Screen Dreams and offer their compelling TV App to consumers as part of our Yahoo! Connected TV Store”

Yahoo! Connected TV selected Screen Dreams to be among the first developers to create and publish apps for the Yahoo! Connected TV Store and has released the Screen Dreams app with leading TV manufacturer Toshiba for only $2.99. Screen Dreams has plans to make the app available through additional Yahoo! Connected TV partners including Sony and Vizio.

“TVs keep getting bigger, but so does the void they leave in the living room when you shut them off,” says Stephen Spivak, President of Screen Dreams. “Our business started out developing screensaver content on DVDs that could be played continuously on a TV. Now, the trend has changed to TV apps and in order to stay ahead of the technological curve, Screen Dreams developed a streaming application just for Yahoo! Connected TV owners. All it takes is a click of your remote, and that boring black rectangle is transformed into a work of art that enhances the look and feel of your home and sets the perfect mood.”

The new Screen Dreams app enhances the ambiance and aesthetics of any room décor, and instantly streams via the Internet 12 uniquely themed galleries made up of more than 150 high-definition art and photography images and video scenes, that the user can select with a variety of soothing musical soundtracks and natural sound effects. The app also has an optional feature setting that allows the viewer to learn about the history of the artists and photographers behind the images appearing on the screen.

For more information about Screen Dreams, please visit the company’s website at www.ScreenDreams.TV. For product demos or to schedule an interview with a company spokesperson, please contact Carlos Munguia at MPRM Communications, (323) 933-3399 or [email protected]

Screen Dreams is a leading developer and distributor of user-friendly, Internet-connected TV applications, mobile and tablet applications, wallpapers, galleries, and DVD screensavers for all home theater and flat-panel HDTVs. Founded in 2005, the company is known for changing the way TVs are used, at the home or business, by filling blank screens with vivid high-definition imagery that plays continuously to provide ambient viewing experiences that soothe, entertain, please, and delight. Ideal for entertaining and every day enjoyment, Screen Dreams adds a beautiful new dimension to HDTVs and other electronic devices. To learn more about Screen Dreams, visit www.ScreenDreams.TV
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