PSB SubSeries 100

PSB Creates Ultra-Compact, Powerful Sub Solution

Versatile Sub Delivers Astounding Performance for its Size and Price

CEDIA Expo Denver Colorado September 25, 2013 – PSB Speakers, long renowned for affordable excellence in loudspeaker design, announced a new addition to their subwoofer lineup, the SubSeries 100. A perfect companion to the company’s critically acclaimed Alpha PS1, SubSeries 100 ($249 MSRP) can be used in any desktop home theater, computer audio or gaming sound application. Featuring PSB’s famed sound quality, the SubSeries 100 offers a compact, highly affordable and versatile subwoofer solution that will be shipping in October.

This totally new subwoofer design by PSB features a 5 ¼” woofer that is computer optimized to maximize bass extension and dynamic range without distortion. An innovative filter pole shifting technique is used to squeeze the maximum deep bass from the specially engineered drive unit. The efficient and cool running 50W (continuous) Class D amplifier is capable of 100W dynamic peak power with the amp specifically matched to the driver.

Finished in striking high gloss black, SubSeries 100 measures a mere 6 3/8″ wide x 6 3/8″ high x 7 7/8″ deep that allows maximum internal volume for impressive bass response yet small enough to be placed easily on a desktop. A black metal screen is added to protect the woofer.

SubSeries 100 is simple to install and set up, thanks to its plug and play design. Volume and crossover controls and a phase switch are provided on the rear panel. Line level inputs accept both stereo preamp outputs and the mono LFE channel output from an AV Receiver.

For enthusiasts who desire even more bass but don’t have space for a large subwoofer, a second SubSeries 100 can easily be added. In addition to producing more output, using two smaller subwoofers is often better than one large subwoofer, since this configuration offers a smoother, more even response in most rooms.

Achieving this remarkable amount of bass from a micro-sized sub is an engineering feat. However 40 years of experience along with a deep working knowledge of acoustics gives PSB Speakers a clear advantage.

Like all PSB Speakers, final voicing is performed by Paul Barton at Canada’s famed National Research Council. PSB’s extensive research has revealed how listener preferences can be integrated into a wide range of speaker designs for many different applications, yet all featuring consistent sound quality that is natural and lifelike.

“Given the tremendous interest in desktop audio applications, as well as the fantastic response to our Alpha PS1, made the challenge of developing a high-performance sub for that market a top priority,” explained Paul Barton, Founder and Chief Designer of PSB Speakers. “PSB has always endeavored to produce maximum bass performance for a given enclosure size and in this design, our technical know-how with SubSeries 100 has produced remarkable results.”

The PSB SubSeries 100 subwoofer will be demonstrated during CEDIA Expo 2013, September 26-28, at the Lenbrook booth # 1624.

Key Features of the PSB SubSeries 100:

  • Versatile subwoofer solution that completes any near-field home theater, desktop audio, or game station audio system

  • Easy to install and set up. Simple, plug-and-play design

  • Perfect complement for PSB’s exciting PS1 desktop speaker

  • Can be combined with second SubSeries 100 for even better performance

  • Ultra-compact cabinet finished in striking gloss black


About PSB

Founded in 1972, by renowned speaker designer Paul Barton, PSB is a leading global speaker brand, now celebrating more than 40 years. Now sold in more than thirty countries around the world, for music or movie listening, the company has set the standard for high-performance, high-value speakers. PSB products are distributed in the U.S. by Lenbrook America.


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