Paradigm® Announces Next Generation Ultra-Slim On-Wall Millenia™ Speaker

NEW slender Millenia LP 2 and Millenia LP XL are the perfect complement for today’s flat-panel TVs.

July 22, 2014 – Toronto, Canada – Ultra-slim, flat-panel television displays have a perfect counterpart in Paradigm’s next generation Millenia LP 2 and the new Millenia LP XL. These high-performance speakers integrate reference-quality build materials into a form factor that sits a mere 1-3/4” from the wall.

paradigm-announces-next-generation-image1Today’s flat panel televisions simply don’t provide good sound performance. Millenia LP 2 and Millenia LP XL provide the ultimate solution to these poor-sounding flat-panel displays, delivering Paradigm’s signature sound, perfected over the past 30 years, in a beautifully slender package that looks stunning on-wall or on-shelf.

Both new models are meticulously engineered by Paradigm to incorporate the predictable effects of a wall on the speaker’s frequency response. Their ultra-thin enclosure is optimized to exploit the maximum wall area for a complete absence of vibration, even when performing at maximum output.

Like all Paradigm Millenia speakers, Millenia LP 2 and Millenia LP XL’s high-frequency drivers exhibit tremendous clarity and transparency. Midrange drivers deliver an accurate, lifelike and revealing performance with extraordinary detail. Bass response, free of cone standing waves and micro distortions, offers exceptional articulation.

Millenia LP 2 and Millenia LP XL are designed for two-channel or multi-channel configurations and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Each speaker is simple to install and includes a mounting bracket and easy wall-mounting instructions. A tabletop stand is also included with each speaker offering additional installation flexibility. For a complete home theater, add Millenia LP 2 or Millenia LP XL as surround, center or rear speakers along with a Paradigm Reference subwoofer for low, powerful bass blending.

Millenia LP 2 is priced at $499 each, and Millenia LP XL is priced at $699 each. Both models will be available in Black Gloss from authorized Paradigm dealers throughout North America in early August 2014.

Millenia LP 2

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Millenia LP XL

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