airDAC by Arcam – AirPlay & UPnP Wireless DAC – $700 USD

New Capabilities & New App Delayed since last year due to AirPlay component shortages, the airDAC is being relaunched in April 2014, with the markedly increased cross-platform functionality of UPnP streaming and a new free SongBook UPnP Control App.


– designed to connect to any Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system
– play music wirelessly from just about any Smartphone or Computer using Wi-Fi
– total cross-platform, multi-format capability
– massive performance uplift on Bluetooth and computer-grade Wi-Fi streaming
– also connect and upgrade sound from CD/DVD/Blu-ray players, Smart TVs and more

Advanced feature-set AirPlay and UPnP Wireless DAC
– The only audiophile quality Airplay enabled component on the market
– Now a high-performance ‘headless’ UPnP network/internet streamer as well
– Free SongBook App iPhone/Pad for UPnP control

The highest possible quality Wireless AirPlay for the Apple ecosystem
The airDAC is one of the simplest ways to enjoy music from any iPhone®/iPad® or Mac running iTunes® and brings Arcam’s high-quality sound to a whole new generation of music lovers.

PLUS full Wireless UPnP streaming for PC & Android users
The airDAC has now morphed into a fully fledged high-resolution network/internet UPnP streamer when used in conjunction with the free Arcam SongBook iPhone/Pad app OR any Android UPnP app such as BubbleUPnP, UPnPlay etc and all UPnP enabled PCs, NAS Drives etc.

System Expansion
IN: A pair of SPDIF and optical digital inputs allow for for additional system components.
OUT: The airDAC has high-class analogue outputs plus an SPDIF output that can be connected to a reference quality DAC like the Arcam FMJ D33, increasing audio quality even further.

At just £400 / $700 the airDAC happily outperforms many more expensive streaming solutions

– Add Airplay & UPnP streaming to any Hi-Fi or AV system
– AirPlay and AirPlay Direct
– SPDIF and optical digital inputs for additional components
– 24 bit / 192 kHz High-Performance DACs
– Class leading audiophile-grade analogue line-level output
– SPDIF output to feed higher-end DACs such as Arcam irDAC and FMJ D33
– High-end audiophile-grade circuitry and components throughout
– Stylish cast aluminium case with damped rubber base

App Controlled Wireless Music Streamer / Headless Black Box Music streaming
The airDAC is one of the simplest ways to enjoy music from any UPnP device
– Full UPnP network and internet streaming at up 24bit / 96kHz
– Advanced graphical SongBook iPad/iPhone control app (Free)

SongBook iPhone App:

SongBook+ iPad App:


New Capabilities & New App

All about UPnP
Once a very hit and miss affair, UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is now reliable and easy to use.

Stream from computers, NAS drives and Music Servers
Arcam’s latest iPhone/iPad app – Songbook – is a UPnP music player that can be downloaded FREE from the Apple App Store to use with the airDAC.

Android & PC users can use a number of UPnP music players such as PlugPlayer and Bubble.

UPnP can play lossless files up to 24bit / 96kHz resolution (currently AirPlay is restricted to playing Apple Lossless files up to 16bit / 48kHz). These can be streamed via UPnP to the airDAC from any computer, NAS drive or Music Server running a UPnP server

Spotify, Deezer, Pandora etc
AirPlay with iDevices running iOS7, can send send music to a Hi-Fi/AV system from Internet radio services like vTuner and TuneIn Radio, as well as music streaming services like Spotify and Qobuz.

INSIDE THE Wireless airDAC

ARCAM builds everything as serious Hi-Fi
The airDAC benefits from more than forty years of audio expertise and uses the finest quality parts in a layout that is optimised for low noise and distortion.

A dejittering design that Arcam have used in many of the reference class FMJ products is applied to all inputs. The four-layer PCB allows our designers to maximise the quality of the ground plane in order to further reduce interference between components.

The use of multiple low noise separately regulated power supplies ensures that we get the cleanest signal to the audiophile quality output stage.

The airDAC’s WiFi is compatible with 802.11 b/g/n but it also hosts a wired Ethernet (RJ45) connector for the most reliable results from any network.

The elegant cast-alloy case, reduces microphone effects and has a non-slip rubber base.

Technical Specifications
DAC – TI PCM5102
Input – Airplay / UPnP, SPDIF/Optical
Frequency response – 10Hz — 20kHz, ±0.1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise – 0.002%
Signal-to-noise ratio (A –Weighted) – 106dB (24-bit)
Line output level – 2.15Vrms
Supported sample rates – 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
Bit depth – 16-bit, 24-bit
Power requirements – 7W max
Dimensions (wxdxh, mm) – 190 x 120 x 44
Weight – 1.1kg

MUSICAL above all
We at Arcam don’t build equipment to ream your ears out and impress on one quick listen. Arcam kit is made to be musical and enjoyable over years and years of listening. Many Hi-Fi and AV products are sharp and clear, very ‘Hi-Fi’ but they don’t play music in an enjoyable fashion. Arcam kit gets more involving and more musical the longer you listen.

arcam-logoABOUT: Arcam of Cambridge
Pioneers of the modern Hi-Fi industry, Arcam are one of the world’s most prestigious audio engineering companies, with over forty years of experience building both affordable and high-end HiFi and Home Cinema equipment. Arcam research and design their world-class products in Cambridge UK and are noted as a global authority on Digital Audio.