Velodyne SC-600 IF/IC In-Floor / In-Ceiling Subwoofer


In Use


Ok, enough with all that lets watch some movies with bass. The SC-600 amplifier was fed 80Hz and below from a Denon 4308ci receiver, with video supplied by an Oppo 981-HD dvd player.

First in the queue was Titan AE and the jaw dropping couch moving "Ice Field" chapter. This scene is full of creaks and thuds as the ship silently floats through a massive ice field. The huge ice crystals slam into each other exploding upon impact. The key here is the quiet soft sounds of the ship with the tense dialog – can it be heard through the bass? With everything calibrated and played back at reference levels, I was floored. The bass was clean and strong and not once did it overpower the other sounds. I was able to feel the thuds and crashes in my couch without the bass being pretentious.

After that I loaded up Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and the first chapter has some 20-30Hz content about 2.5 minutes in. Here the bass was clean and deep. The flyover scene shook the house in a good way. You could feel the bass move the couch and despite what you would think there was no indication that the bass was coming from the ceiling. It seemingly followed the on-screen movements. The asteroid chase's delicious use of surround effects blended nicely with the bass from the seismic charges and fly-over bass.


My main speakers are capable of dropping into the 30's and I run them from 50Hz up. Therefore the Velodyne was only required to reproduce from 20Hz – 50Hz, a frequency range not heavily used in music. For a subwoofer to work well with music in my system it must be audible invisible, that is it should not call any attention to itself.

Bass heavy music was on the menu for this first music test so I choose to demo Dub Trio's debut album, Exploring the Dangers Of. Dub Trio's music incorporates metal, jazz, reggae, electronic and rock, and bass. Lots of bass. The underling bass chord in Sick-em Kid goes deep bass – midbass – midbass - deep bass and you feel the change in the notes as well as clearly hear the bass line. This is not a one-note subwoofer! The entire album is bass-heavy and loud. A great test and at no times did I hear squeaks or rattles from the subs location. Had a few rattles still left in the adjoining kitchen that were excited by the intense bass.

For something completely different I put on the astonishingly clean and dynamic Whites of Earth Now by Cowboy Junkies. The bass guitar on Forgive me when augmented by the Velodyne SC-600 had excellent presence and foundation. At no time did the sub call attention to itself or distract. Crossroads starts with a solid bass line that sets the tone for the rest of the song. With the subwoofer enabled the sound was scary. The individual notes were clearly audible and at no time did they meld into a sloppy mess. And best of all the soundstage did not collapse even with the deepest notes. When Margo's smoky vocals enter the song there is zero coloration from the subwoofer. I was honestly shocked at how good the sub performed with music playback. They were able to blend easily with my floor standing open-baffle-midrange speakers, better than my previous 12"