Earthquake CP-8 Subwoofer



I am an advocate that two subs are better than one. Not just because two play louder than one, but that two will help smooth out bass modal inaccuracies and provide better quality bass throughout the entire listening area in your room. This certainly was achieved with the CP-8 along with my in-wall. The big advantage of this small sub is the flexibility to place it anywhere within the room where it may be both heard and experienced. Movies were more engaging. Music was more palpable and "live". I see a few other specific usages for the CP-8. It could also be used in a college dorm room, bolster the gaming experience with PS3 or Xbox, adding depth to a living room music system where you want bass to be heard, but not seen, or in my case, enhance the already good HT / music room with a bit more punch.

Weaknesses? Sure. I would not recommend this as a stand alone sub in a moderate to large room. In the Pantheon of subwoofers, the CP-8 is not the "god of thunder". A larger sub may give you more subsonic depth, but at this price point, you could buy two or three and still come out ahead compared to the cost of one 15" modular sub. You would also benefit from smoother bass response through your entire room. Adding the tactile sensation you experience at your seat would be serendipity!

The size and shape allow for easy concealment, and the bass output is nothing short of remarkable. I have a friend who has a HT in his bedroom and this would easily fit under his bed (but he should discuss this with his wife first, I would think). If you are in the market for a tactile transducer, why not have one that actually outputs substantial bass as well? The Earthquake Audio CP-8 left me shaken and satisfied while adding some "fun" to my media enjoyment at a modest cost. Anything that adds to the excitement of a movie experience or enhances the enjoyment of music listening is worth considering, in my opinion. The CP-8 has my seismic approval.