The 2013 Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show


Section 1: Introduction

The Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES) is returning to the King Edward Hotel in Toronto on the weekend of Nov 1- 3, 2013. In its third year, TAVES 2013 will present over 50 high-end audio manufacturers, distributors, and exhibitors with products from around the world.


The organizers of TAVES 2013 are delighted to announce that they are making a big effort to showcase even more multi-channel Home Theater systems, equipment, and demos at this year's show than they did in previous years. Two-channel stereo systems will, of course, be strongly represented, but the goal of TAVES is to offer a panoply of high-quality Home Theatre audio/video brands & products to budding AV consumers; and not just esoteric high-end 2-channel brands.

I will be covering the 2013 TAVES for SECRETS. I want to begin the coverage with a preview of this year's show and a brief history on the King Edward Hotel where TAVES is being held for the third time.

Parts 2 and 3 will feature my on-site coverage from the King Edward Hotel, which will appear in SECRETS in November. My report will feature the exhibitor rooms, information about new products and pricing, and, of course, pictures from TAVES 2013.

Having worked the 2011 and 2012 TAVES extravaganzas for a local Toronto audio distributor, I can happily report that the majestic King Edward Hotel fits the hobby of high-end audio like a finely crafted pair of leather gloves. From the standpoints of logistics, location, style, and access to local bars and restaurants, I can't think of another venue in all of southern Ontario that would better suit the needs of TAVES' exhibitors and patrons.

Whether you're an experienced audiophile who's invested obscene amounts of money and decades of time into this hobby, or you're an utter 'newbie' to high-end 2-channel or multi-channel audio/video systems, the TAVES 2013 promises to deliver an exciting world of consumer electronics products to see, hear, and experience.