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CES - 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8-11, 2007




This year at CES, we entered the very popular arena of blogging.

A "Blog" (short for "Weblog") is a personal web page that chronicles whatever interesting things the blogger wants to talk about, on a daily basis, and is for public consumption.

Now, we we have occasionally done it this way in the past (publishing show report photos and text throughout the day), but we didn't call it a blog, because a blog is something published by an individual.

So, our blogger was Gabe Lowe, one of our staff writers, who is experienced at blogging. He uploaded photos from the show floor, every day.

Matt Abel also contributed to the report, uploading his own photos, so maybe it wasn't a blog. Maybe it was still just a plain old show report.


Anyway, from my (JEJ) perspective, CES 2007 was all about 1080p flat panel displays. They were everywhere and were being demonstrated by numerous companies. This is great news for consumers, because it will keep the prices affordable. In fact, Vizio showed a 47" 1080p LCD display that has just gone on sale at CostCo for $1,600, with the discount that CostCo currently has. They also showed a 53" 1080p LCD flat panel prototype that will sell for about $2,000 in the latter half of this year. It has four HDMI inputs and incorporates Faroudja de-interlacing.

One exhibitor, Hsu Research, had a setup that literally stunned me. In the back of the room where I was sitting, right behind my chair, was one of his new designs, called the MBM-12 Mid-Bass Module, that only reproduces the range from 50 to 150 Hz.  He had it set for the range of 50 to 80 Hz. Since it is close to the sitting position, it does not have to be turned up very loud, although it has a 350 watt amplifier. The driver is lightweight, so it responds very quickly. The gunfight scene from Open Range was used for the demo, and the gunshots, because of that special woofer (of course, he had his regular subwoofers in there too, for the really low frequencies), sounded as close to real as I have ever heard in a home theater room. The effect stuck with me all afternoon. Anyway, if you ever have the chance to hear this demo at a local home theater show, be sure to sit in on it. Absolutely unbelievable! Here is a link to the actual product.

- Staff -

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