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CES - 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8-11, 2007



Page 28 - Sanyo

Here is Sanyo's 2nd generation high definition camcorder, the Xacti VPC-HD2. It can capture 720p video to an SD card using MPEG-4 compression. It now can also take 7.1 megapixel stills. Not bad for an MSRP of $699.

Sanyo showed a working demonstration of their new wireless projection system. Your source drive, in this case, a Toshiba HD-XA1 HD-DVD player, is connected to the wireless base station (shown at right). The HDMI signal is then transmitted to the projector wirelessly. Several companies were showing technologies similar to this. Being that the video remains digital from start to finish, there is no reason why sending the encrypted HDMI signals wirelessly to devices should have any negative effect on the video if done well. It's an exciting advancement in home theater.

If you think the Nintendo Wii is cool, check out this interactive projection system. This image is being projected from overhead onto the floor. I just went up and "kicked" the image of the soccer ball and it rolled around the screen just as a real one would, complete with realistic physics! Very cool.

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