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CES - 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8-11, 2007



Page 44 - Atlantic Technology and Polk Audio

Atlantic technology has showing a modified version of their 8200 THX Ultra2 called the 8200E. The speaker is more compact overall and much shallower, but uses the same drivers It is expected that a 5.1 8200E system will be offered for less than $10,000.

Polk Audio was showing a number of new speakers at CES. First, they have redone their midrange RTi line of speakers, which feature new drivers, new tapered enclosures and a new port design. The line features 3 towers, RTi A9 ($1750/pr, RTi A7 ($1170/pr) and RTi A5 ($950/pr), and 2 bookshelf speakers, RTi A3 ($470/pr) and RTi A1 ($350/pr). The RTi line will become available in May.

Polk also showed a number of new subwoofers. First they had the DSWPROsubwoofers which is available in 8" DSW400 ($480), 10" DSW500 ($590) and 12"DSW600 ($700) models. The DSWPROsubwoofers all feature digital amplification, preset EQs and remote controls. Polk also used an interesting feed forward design to reduce distortion in the DSWPROmodels. Finally, the DSWPROsubwoofers can be setup in either a downward firing or front firing configuration depending on your needs.

Above the DSWPROseries in both price and performance is the DSWMicroPRO series which is available in 8" DSW2000 ($1180), 10" DSW3000 ($1450) and 12" DSW4000 ($1780) models. These models all feature an automatic time based room correction, a 1200WBASH amplifier and 2 passive radiators the same size as their main driver.

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