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CES - 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8-11, 2007



Page 16 - Neosonik

Neosonik has introduced a very intriguing product they dub the "world's first wireless home theater and hi-fi system" It runs on the 5.8 GHz spectrum using proprietary transmission techniques. They say their solution does not suffer from any dropouts, delay timing issues, or other usual problems associated with wireless technologies. Not only can it transmit 7.2 channels of uncompressed audio, it can also send HDMI wirelessly up to 1080i. Quite impressive. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues (not the fault of the product), the video demonstration was not yet available when I visited the room.

The Neosonik NX-100 controller with a Class source. The controller accepts both analog and digital inputs and then transmits them to all the speakers and remote video receiver.

The diminuitive HD Remote Receiver receives wireless HDMI 1.3 signals up to 1080i. Due to bandwidth constraints, at present 1080p is not possible. However, you can still run an HDMI cable from the controller to a display device and get 1080p over that connection if you desire.

The Series 6 Tower includes a 200 watt digital amplifier and has a rated frequency response of 35 Hz - 25 kHz. All crossovers are digital. The speakers are available in Rosewood, Cherry, and Black Cherry veneers. There is also a smaller Series 4 system.

The Neosonik offering is one of those products that really can make a difference in the industry if it delivers on its promise. I look forward to hearing (and seeing) more from them in the future.

A company called Amimon, from Israel, showed us a wireless HDMI technology that can send 1080p throughout your home. The transmitter and receiver are shown below, although this is just for developmental purposes. They are marketing the technology rather than the actual product. One flat panel display manufacturer is already putting the wireless 1080p receiver in their displays.

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