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CES - 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8-11, 2007



Page 23 - Samsung

Samsung had the largest booth at CES. It did seem to go on and on, but realize, they have a huge product portfolio as well. Besides home theater equipment, they have a large array of cell phones, laptops, cameras, and portable media players.

The BD-P1200 is the first 2nd generation Blu-Ray player to hit the market. While I felt that the original BD-P1000 had a nice design, I think this one is even better. Hopefully Samsung has cleaned up a lot of the issues plauging its predecessor. The BD=P1200 should boast an ethernet port, all the flavors of Dolby, including TrueHD, the ability to upscale standard DVD all the way up to 1080p, and a decent price point of $799. Still rather expensive for a format that may or may not be around in two years.

IPTV was all over the show, and Samsung showed off their box as well. It looked almost identical to their OTA ATSC tuner box. I am not sure if any providers in the US are using this device at present.

This gentleman was demonstrating the OpenCable HD-DVR device. OpenCable specifies both a hardware and software standard and was devised by the CableLabs to provide interactive services over cable. This device is meant to be sold to cable service providers who in turn would lease the box to the end user. To me, the interface shown was not up to par with Moxi, TiVo, or even the Microsoft IPTV and Media Center interfaces.

Samsung has optimized many of their televisions for video game playing. Here is the customization for sports games. It's hard to tell what this does exactly, but it sure did look good.

This guy was definitely facing the wrong direction. Had he turned the other way, he would have seen a vast sea of Samsung flat panel televisions. Including...

Behold! The 102" Samsung Plasma HDTV! Simply stunning.

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