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CES - 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8-11, 2007



Page 40 - More Panasonic

Panasonic had a very impressive booth with a huge stage out front featuring their 103"plasmas with frequent live performances. Of course this also meant that any time they had a performance it was almost impossible to walk by their booth.

The 103"TH-103PZ600U plasma was a stunning display, but at $69,999.95 Idon't think I'll be putting one in my theater any time soon.

Panasonic's big news at the show was their 1080p plasma offerings have expanded to include both a 58" (TH-58PZ700U) and a 50" (TH-50PZ700U). The displays are expected to be available this summer, but pricing had not been finalized at CES.

Panasonic was also showing their SOLSYS SC-PTX7 ($799.95) a HTiBwith network music capabilities. Panasonic calls the SC-PTX7 a 3.1 system even though it only has stereo speakers since it creates a phantom center using drivers in the these stereo speakers. The unit can also rip music to its 80 GBHDor transfer it from a wired ethernet connection. It can also stream music to wireless remote units.

Panasonic also had some new DVD recorders that feature digital TV tuners, like the DMR-EZ27 ($279.95). The DVDrecorder seems to be a dying breed, but with the ability to record digital broadcasts and a Dolby Digital soundtrack they seem to make more sense now than they ever did.

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