Show Report

CES - 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8-11, 2007



Page 38 - Infinity, JBLand Harman Kardon

The big news from JBLwas their new statement loudspeaker, the Everest D6600 ($60,000). These speakers sounded amazing and looked equally impressive.

The Everests are actually a mirror imaged pair with the woofers wired up differently. One can adjust the speaker's orientation as well as make minor EQtrims with jumpers on this front panel.

Slightly more down to earth JBLwas also showing their new ESline, which replaces the Northridge series of loudspeakers. The novel feature about the ESs is that they all incorporate a super tweeter, so that even the smallest bookshelf is a 3-way design.

Infinity was showing their new Classia range of loudspeakers, which borrows styling cues from their Cascade range of loudspeakers. The subwoofers were not finalized at CES, but they plan on offering a wireless connection option.

Harman Kardon had new receivers at CES, the AVR 347, AVR247 and AVR147.

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