Show Report

CES - 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8-11, 2007



Page 52 - More Sony

Sony's heavy hitter as far as size was concerned, was a lovely 82"Bravia LCDprototype.

Sony was also showing their extended color technology, called x.v.Color in Sony speak, in this SXRDdisplay.

Since Sony has finally just launched their current Blu-ray player, the BDP-S1, Ididn't expect to see any new players. However, Sony decided to bring two "prototypes" along, the Sapphire 1 and the Sapphire 2, and Imean prototype in the loosest sense of the term. These players are more like design studies, since neither player had any functionality whatsoever. Idon't really know why Sony even bothered bringing these things to the show.

In a show where it always seems like the biggest display wins, Sony made a lot of noise with their 27"OLEDdisplay. It looked stunning, almost 3-D. OLEDis the new flat panel TVas far as display technology buzz goes.

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