The Home Entertainment 2002 Show Report

held at the New York Hilton Hotel, May 30 - June 2, 2002

Report by Chris Montreuil


Day 3


In addition to equipment from Ayre, the Vandersteen room featured preamplification from Aesthetix and analog sources from Clearaudio. Racks and stands courtesy of Zoethecus. In what has become a tradition of company partnering, the Ayre V-1x ($7500 msrp) two channel power amplifier could be found powering the Vandersteen Reference 5 loudspeakers.

Richard Vanderteen's statement loudspeaker the Reference 5 (prices starting at $10,800 with exotic wood finishes offered at a premium). EquiTech, the proponents of balanced power, were on hand to show off their Q line of balanced power systems. Shown here, from top to bottom, are the 2q ($2,689 msrp), 3q ($3,589 msrp) and 5q ($5,589 msrp).

Dreamvision's latest DLP the Cinema Ten Pro handled projection duties in the Toys From the Attic room. Using a 1024x768 panel, this unit features DVI connectivity and Dreamvision's propreitary de-interalcing/scaling. Toys From the Attic, a local hi-fi dealer, demonstrated a high end 5.1 system that "gives up very little in stereo". Five channels of tube amplification were powering an absolutely massive Eggleston Works speaker system.

In addition to expensive car sound systems, Linn had a home theater demonstration. A pair of Ninkas for front channel duty, a Trikan center, Katan rears, and Sizmik subwoofer rounded out the package. Balanced Audio Technology's VK-75se ($8,500 msrp) featuring the 6H30 Russian supertube was being used in the Impact Technologies room to power their Airfoil line.

Brits co-mingling with Brits. Monitor Audio of England was teamed with Musical Fidelity at the show. Pictured here is their Gold Reference line, specifically the model 60 floor-stander with accompanying Reference Centre speaker. While this is how the Monitor Audio FB 210 subwoofer was being displayed, I doubt Monitor encourages its customers to emulate this positioning nor the one used for their center channel.

Yamaha's DPX-1 ($10,000 msrp) DLP projector was on static display in the Yamaha suite. Lexicon's MC12 ($9,000 msrp balnced version $10,000 msrp) handled surround chores in the Polk room.

Polk is going hi-tech with the tweeters used in their LSi line. Featuring a Ring Radiator tweeter, manufactured by Vifa, the LSi line features drivers not previously seen at this price point. The LSi line from left to right: LSi25 ($1499/ea.), LSi15 ($869/ea.), LSi9 ($519/ea.), LSI7 ($404/ea.).

PS Audio's HCA-2 ($1,695 msrp) was exposed for all to see. A hybrid Class A design the HCA-2 puts out 150 watts into an 8 ohm load. Soon to be released is PS Audio's Classic 250 power amplifier. A dual mono design, the Classic 250's power meters sport a beautiful retro look.

Philips Electronics had an understated room this year. Shown here is their 55" 16:9 HDTV monitor and yours truly reflected in the screen. In addition to the popular SACD 1000 ,Philips had their new DVD962SA Multichannel DVD/SACD player that does it all! Oh, except DVD-A.

Ah the best for last. Samsung was kind enough to sponsor a private screening of "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" at the Ziegfeld Digital Cinema Theater on 54th. As you can see, CGI effects have taken a step backwards in quality. The rather two dimensional imagery did mate well with the flat acting though.

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