The Home Entertainment 2002 Show Report

held at the New York Hilton Hotel, May 30 - June 2, 2002

Report by Chris Montreuil


Day 1 - Part 2


In the fall Samsung will be introducing two DLP RPTVs that feature TI's new 1280x720 HD2 chip. A 43" ($4,000 msrp) and 50" ($4,500 msrp) model will kick off the line with additional models at screen sizes above and below to come later. Sharp continues to support its 1-Bit technology. Shown here is the SM-SX1/DX-SX1 combo amplifier SACD player. It features technology derived from the flagship SM-SX100.

Sharp's SM-SX100 Integrated Amplifier features a direct 1-bit digital input that will accept DSD streams from their soon to be released SACD player. Secrets reviewed this player a while back, and it still appears to be a current technology with Sharp. In order to appeal to a wider audience Sharp is releasing a multitude of 1-bit products, including a home theater in a box solution, that range from under $500 to just under $2000. The SD-EX111 is a two channel SACD/1-Bit Amplifier combo.

In what represents Sony's first major coup with SACD in the popular music genre is the 22 album re-release of ABKCO's Rolling Stones catalog. The albums will be released on dual layer hybrid discs so as to maintain backward compatibility. Listeners were treated to a selection of cuts from the soon to be released discs as well as a new recording from Tom Jung. Equipment consisted of Eggleston Works Andra IIs powered by tube amplification from Manley Labs.

In addition to a Sony XA-777es the now ubiquitous Meitner Switchmann 2 handled the multi-channel preamp duties. Not resting on its laurels was Wilson Audio who released their latest iteration of the WATT/Puppy series version 7.

Priced at $22k the WATT/Puppies were under the control of VTL pre and power amplifiers. Also on hand was the Watchdog subwoofer (not pictured). Zenith was on hand to display a bevy of new televisions from plasma to LCD to direct view. The C34W23 ($2,499 msrp) is a 34" 16:9 HDTV that features an integrated High Definition Tuner.

Do not let the picture fool you! The LCD EDTV Monitor is a scant 10" diagonal. At $750 it will be the perfect compliment to any high end bathroom system. Paper dispenser not included. The HD-SAT520 ($799 msrp) is a full featured High Definition receiver that will be available in the third quarter. Featuring DVI with HDCP support it certainly lives up to its full featured claims.

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