The Home Entertainment 2002 Show Report

held at the New York Hilton Hotel, May 30 - June 2, 2002

Report by Chris Montreuil


Day 2


Based out of Estonia, Audes Blues' ($2000 msrp) is a three-way floorstanding speaker with a side mounted 8" woofer. Playing my favorite cut from Dead Can Dance's Into the Labriynth proved enjoyable. Balanced Audio Technology's new line of integrateds were featured at the show. Shown here is the VK-300x with an upgraded version featuring the vaunted 6H30 Super Tube available at a higher price point.

Hot on the heels of the release of their new integrated line is the follow-up versions of two of BAT's preamplifiers. The VK31-SE features a power supply double that of its predeccesor. In addition to the increased power supply both units (VK-51se pictured here) now use oil-capacitors as power supply capacitors. If all this technology is not enough the new BAT line has a revamped faceplate also.

For the first time ever discriminating audiophiles will be able to purchase pumps and a purse for their wives and not feel as if they wasted their money! The eccentric folks at Blue Circle Audio are releasing a pair of monoblock amplifier shoes rated at 25w/channel and a line level preamplifier purse. Too bad Mother's Day has passed. The MBL room was so glowing in opulence a mirage was created that interefered with any picture taking. MBL 101Ds ($35,800 msrp) provided front channel information with a modified MBL 111 handling center channel duties. Total system price? I could not count that high.

The format that would not go away. A multitude of turntables were on hand to spin the vinyl that folks are so nostalgic about. Music Hall's high-end piece the MMF-7 ($999 msrp) retails for less than most of the cartridges used throughout the show. How is this for an anachronistic pairing? Odyssey Audio's Stratos amplifier ($995 msrp) placed upon a Corinthian column (not included).

Available only through the web, Outlaw Audio has expanded their line to include a surround sound processor. The Model 950 boasts impressive guts for an $899 processor. The Outlaw 950 features the usual processor treatments in addition to a unique 5.1 analog bypass that features switchable analog bass management as found in the separate ICBM model.

The Outlaw 770 ($1799 msrp) is the perfect compliment to the Model 950 processor. Rated at 200 watts x 7 and weighing in at a hefty 90 pounds, the 770 has more than enough juice for the most demanding of 7.1 material. Sharp's Aquos series of LCD sets fetaure cosmetic stylings to increase the increasingly important WAF. Whether the LC-30HV2U's, 30" 16:9 set, displayed content will also aid in the WAF remains to be seen.

The youth of America are clearly enamored with Sharp's plasma line aesthetic. Sharp expects increased sales in the 18-74 male demographic as well. For the budget conscious who wish to get a taste of Sharp's 1-bit digital technology, there is the SD-AT100 ($1799.95 msrp) Home Theater in a box package.

For the 2-channel purist is Sharp's SD-NX10. Featuring an integrated CD/MD player, this unit puts out 25 watts into a 6 ohm load. Sharp offers another version sans speakers. Sony had a bevy of its SACD players available for your headphone enjoyment. The XA-777es ($3000 msrp) is their current high-end multichannel offering.

The visually stunning new La Folia's ($8,000 msrp) were showcased in the Silverline Audio booth. The Briar Burl Wood finish was exquisite. A 4 way design the La Folia's driver compliment consists of a Dynaudio tweeter and upper midrange, Scanspeak mid-woofer and rear firing Focal woofer (pictured here).

Sim Audio's Moon W-5 stereo amp powering Merlin Audio VSM loudspeakers. Sony was not the only one with headphone stations. Yamaha's CDR-HD1000 was available for listening.

Sound by Singer's "Ultimate 2-channel room" consisted of DCS electronics and Lamm pre/power amplification. Speakers were the JM Labs Grande Utopias ($75k msrp). It is always nice to know that behind a $200k+ stereo presentation featuring speakers from JM Labs and amplification from Lamm is a dilapidated outlet box that could be on the verge of causing a full scale electrical fire.

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