The Home Entertainment 2002 Show Report

held at the New York Hilton Hotel, May 30 - June 2, 2002

Report by Chris Montreuil


Day 1 - Part 1


The 6th Avenue electronics room featured equipment from Paradigm and Anthem. In this case a pair of MCA 20's ($995/ea. msrp) were powering the front channels. Surround duties were ably handled by the Anthem AVM-20 ($3,199 msrp) which Mark Abling of Paradigm deems, "the Swiss Army knife of processors".

Want to be James Bond? The Aston Martin Vanquish will get you one step closer at the low low price of $230k. It will not make you look like Pierce Brosnan though. Yes yours truly did get to sit in this gorgeous creature. Linn was kind enough to provide the 12 channel sound system for this beauty.

Dynaudio's new confidence line made its North American debut. The C4's feature trickle down technology from the Evidence line at a real world price, Dynaudio's words, of $16k! The C2 features a scaled down driver set of the C4 along with the scaled down price point of $12k.

Faroudja is on the cusp of releasing what they feel will be a "Turnkey" video solution in the Digital Projector Package. The package consists of a William Phelps calibrated JVC-G15 D-ILA with a custom anamorphic lens and hush box to eliminate noise and projector heat. Included in the package is a choice of either the Native Rate Series Processor or NRS-Digital Cinema Source. The setup featuring the former lists for $36k the latter at $41k. The performance? Stunning.

The Faroudja NRS-Digital Cinema Source ($10k msrp) is a combination DVD Transport/Native Rate Series processor with the added benefit of a DVI input and output that is HDCP compliant. Halcro was at it again, making good music that is, this time with Rockport Technologies. Featured here is their top of the line DM68 Monoblock ($35k/pair) which puts out 225 watts/channel.

The Rockport Technologies Antares ($41,500/pair) features drivers from Dynaudio and Audio Technologies all in an attractive, if not svelte, package. The stand provided by Rix Rax is not included. No that is not a vacuum cleaner just Transparent Cable's Opus MM priced in the " . . .if you have to ask" category.

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