Day 4 - January 9, 2000

Below you will find a large table with photos and their descriptions (legends) underneath. The photos will be updated throughout each day, so check back often. At the bottom are links to photos from each of the days at the show. Day 0 is the day when the exhibits are being installed, and the equipment photos are previews. The actual show starts on Wednesday, January 6 ("Day 1").

Zoethecus Audio showed their new line of home theater cabinetry. This set is $2,000 which includes three drawers. The cabinets are vented especially to allow air flow for warm hi-fi components.

The always wonderful sounding room of Atma-Sphere featured their MA I, Mk II OTL amplifier.  Four 6SN7s driving fourteen 6AS7s per mono channel.

The Rethm Loudspeaker is a new model utilizing the super-efficient Lowther driver for sensitivity in excess of 100 dB at one watt/one meter.  Rethm means "harmony" in sanskrit.  These speakers were coherent and dynamic being driven by the Diva electronics line of amp and preamp by designer and musician T.S. Lim of Singapore.  There is more to come on the Diva line in Secrets ... stay tuned.

The innovative PITracer 4704 CD transport from 47 Laboratory.  This model is not yet released, but it features a laser pickup designed to be perfectly angled in all dimensions to the disc it is reading.

Classic Audio Reproductions was playing their Project T-3 horn-loaded speaker coupled with a dynamic driver for the bass.  These speakers were very dynamic with a powerful, tuneful bass response.  Quite impressive.

Question:  Is this a) the coolest high-tech drink holder you have ever seen; or b) a monoblock power amplifier by Evett & Shaw?  The answer:  "b" of course!  This unique and beautiful design rested on a slab of granite and sounded great driving the Evett & Shaw Pisaro speaker system.

Meridian's first multi-channel power amp, the 558.  It is fully differential balanced and 200 watts per channel into 5-channels.  It's bridgeable and weighs in at 126 pounds.  The amp will retail for $5,999.

Meridian's Bob Stuart introducing their new flagship loudspeakers during an early morning press conference.

Colin Miller, Secret's own resident weirdo, tried to pick up on a hefty little number in the Classic Audio Reproduction room. 

Mirage's OM-5 filled the room with a well-balanced, spacious presentation.  With dual 8" woofers powered by a 250 watt internal amplifier, the $3,500 retail price seemed well on the side of fair.

Daren Dochterman, art director and David C. Fein, executive producer/technical director for Sharpline Arts presenting their DVD, "Bride of Re-Animator".  These are the same folks who worked on the LD versions of "Alien", "Aliens", and "The Abyss".  They also worked on the DVD version of "Alien" and "Aliens" as well as the 5th disc (bonus disc) called the "Alien Legacy".

Balanced, balanced, BALANCED!  From balanced digital inputs, to fully balanced circuitry and outputs, the Balanced Audio Technology VKAV-10 Surround Sound Processor, sporting tube output stages, can't help but to end up with JJ for a review.  

Colin Miller's nomination for best build and finish in electronic components, Jeff Rowland Design Group's components dazzled the eyes.

Jeff Rowland's products acknowledge that beauty outside is best complemented by beauty within.  Without a doubt, some of the cleanest internal construction in the show.

Monolithic Sound's new line of products designed for the 2-channel purist.

Bryston finally completed their own surround processor, complete with all the current digital audio standards (DD, DTS), and a flexible, well-thought out path to future format upgrades.  Actually a top-notch analog preamp in bypass mode, the $3,800 MSRP looks promising.

Meadowlark Audio's transmission line speakers, with a powered woofer (1.25" excursion peak to peak) complemented the room upstairs, see right, with the Kite loudspeaker.

Meadowlark Audio's Nightingale loudspeaker, selling for $20,000, make quite a nice combination with BAT electronics.

In addition to some Myryad's new high-powered amplifiers, their MDP-500 joined the fray of new high-end surround processors.  Besides the almost standard by necessity hardware and software upgradability, the unit also features programmable voltage triggers, RS-232 control, and a relatively affordable retail of $2,500, more or less.  Plus, as the Americans love to say, it's sexy.

Soundcare had their Superspikes on display in the booth next door.  The newly created spikes will not scratch the supporting surface.  A standard set retails for about $50. They also offer a high-end model, and even a set that replaces the existing feet on your electronic products.

Now THAT is what I call a crossover network! It is longer than my foot, and I wear a size 13. It is for one of the big JM Labs speakers.

This glass TV table (the "Thelo") from Schroers and Schroers (Berlin) is exquisite. $1,800.


Sonic Integrity showed off their line of very affordable home theater cabinetry.



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