Day 3 - January 8, 2000

Below you will find a large table with photos and their descriptions (legends) underneath. The photos will be updated throughout each day, so check back often. At the bottom are links to photos from each of the days at the show. Day 0 is the day when the exhibits are being installed, and the equipment photos are previews. The actual show starts on Wednesday, January 6 ("Day 1").

Diapason loudspeakers have been reintroduced to the American marketplace.  Shown here is their new NUX floorstander, priced at $2,399.

Huff Loudspeaker Co. is demonstrating their Digital System Three Omni speaker system.  Impressive imaging from any listening position in the room.

Ah yes ... vinyl!  The J.C. Verdier turntable system was being shown as a treat for the eyes and ears.

Impact Technology was demonstrating their Charisma 2000 loudspeaker in its top-of-the-line driver configuration.  Priced at $2,250.

Manley Labs room was rocking while they showed their Model 250 Neo-Classic tube amplifier.  This baby has power to spare.

O.S. Services was showing the Loth-X single-driver loudspeaker that features 104 dB efficiency and flat 8 ohm impedance.  Perfect for low-powered single-ended tube amplifiers.

Apex, the importer and distributor, demonstrated the Ocellia Kedros loudspeaker from France.  High efficiency and a single PHY-HP driver.

Von Schweikert Research is back!  On static display at the time of our visit was the new VR-5 in a new, beautiful cabinet design.  The VR-7 played in the adjoining room to great effect.  Welcome back, Albert.

Audio Fusion, a company based in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand, debuted their stunning new Volare loudspeaker system.  As you may have guessed by looking at them, there were no boxy colorations coming from these speakers!

RAudio Loudspeakers, designed by Whitley Limited, demonstrated the Chadwick speaker, which retails for $7,880.

Nordost introduced their Optix RGB cable for component video at $279.

Neosonik Z3 speaker with rosewood and black mirror finish. $3,800/pair

McCormack Audio RLD-1 preamplifier. $1,600.

Monster Cable Powerlink AC cords soon to be released.  From $19 - $199 / 8ft

MSB's modular home theater system including a separate power supply, 192/24 DAC (soon to have upsampling from 44.1/16), DD/DTS decoder with 3 PCM outputs, and audio & video switchers.  Whole stack for about $2,400.  MSB rumored to be readying a component & VGA switcher/transcoder to be added to the stack.

Niles 4 zone, 6 source whole house audio distribution with IR or Intellipad control.

Panasonic DVD-A7 DVD-Audio player with 192/24 DACs

Panasonic DVD-RAM camcorder (it records home videos onto a DVD instead of a tape cassette!)

Panasonic 'Secure Digital' memory chip and DVD portable player concept piece

Pioneer 301 disc DVD changer, CDR, and MD player all connected via IEEE-1394.  The smaller device on the bottom is a 1394 to legacy connection gateway to connect older devices to the 1394 bus.

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