Day 2 (Page 1) - January 7, 2000

Below you will find a large table with photos and their descriptions (legends) underneath. The photos will be updated throughout each day, so check back often. At the bottom are links to photos from each of the days at the show. Day 0 is the day when the exhibits are being installed, and the equipment photos are previews. The actual show starts on Wednesday, January 6 ("Day 1").

Legend Audio's new Starlet integrated tube amplifier. $2,500.

Merlin TSM-SE speaker. $2,500/pair.

Myryad amplfiers. MT100 tuner, MCD-500 CD player, MDR-500 digital preamp processor (top to bottom).

Neosonik V2 speaker with hand made drivers. $2,200/pair.

Robertson Audio 40-Ten 2 preamplifier. Singapore company looking for USA distributors.

Skaaning # 1 speaker. $9,000/pair.

Vac Renaissance Signature 70/70 tube power amp using all 300Bs in single ended mode. 70 watts per channel. $16,990.

Verity Audio Parsifal speaker.

VTL IT-85 integrated tube amplifier. First time shown publicly. $2,500.

ATI's AVP-7.1 DD/DTS processor offers not only a cool LCD display, but full hardware and software upgradeability, $4,000 

Camelot provides a DC power supply for their Uther & Dragon products.

DTS has developed an encoder for studios, making it easier for post production companies to incorporate DTS 5.1 soundtracks.

Camelot's Round Table DVD player offers progressive output, using the DVDO 101 video processor (it will update to 102 when chips available.) Will output 24/96 digital signal.  MSRP $3.995

 The ultimate antennae, for what, we're not sure.

Denon's AVR-4800 THX Ultra "EX" receiver, rated at 125 watts/channel, utilizes dual Sharc 32 bit DSP to power the THX EX decoder.

Gary Pelled posed with his two favorite knobs, part of the nucleus system, which features 5 identical balls and a two-part powered subwoofer that can separate to add passive woofers. $1,500 for 5 speakers and a sub, $400 for an extra passive woofer. 

Jamo had several handsome speakers under $1,000

Klipsch's Synergy line offers relatively affordable, efficient speakers that can pull maximum SPL out of most receivers.

Onkyo's latest THX EX preamplifier and processor look Purty.  Supposedly, the amplifier was designed by the ultra high-end company Balanced Audio Technology, though the piece is not fully balanced.

Long-throw cones with fat surrounds seem to be in vogue.  Klipsch's LF-10 and LF-12 have not only an active driver with an insane excursion, but TWO passive radiators of equal size, and an independent LFE gain control.

Outlaw, an internet-only company in terms of sales, held a press conference for their new 6.1 receiver, deriving a single center rear channel from 5.1 soundtracks with proper encoding.  MSRP $599.

Panja, the parent company of both Phast and AMX, introduced some boxes which allow not only control over the internet, but video/audio transmission as well.

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