Day 0 - January 5, 2000


We are uploading photos as we take them at the show this year, since we are right in the middle of everything with a booth and an exhibit. Below you will find a large table with photos and their descriptions (legends) underneath. The photos will be updated throughout each day, so check back often. At the bottom are links to photos from each of the days at the show. Day 0 is the day when the exhibits are being installed, and the equipment photos are previews. The actual show starts on Wednesday, January 6, but we thought you might like to see some of the stuff ahead of time.

Here is what the aisles look like when the union guys are loading everything in.

The Veritas Speaker lineup.

Mirage has great veneer work on their omnipolar speakers.

Dynaudio introduced two new Contour series loudspeakers, the T-2.5, and T-2.1 while showing a prototype of the forthcoming Contour Subwoofer.

Monitor Audio is getting into new home theater packages that are very compact.

Our PR Manager hit it off with the equipment movers.

Sony held a press conference and showed their new DVP-FX1 portable DVD player with a 7" LCD screen, 4 hour battery, with MSRP of $1,500.

Sony's new Network Walkman NW-E3 playing their own music format (like MP-3), weighing 1.6 ounces, runs for 5 hours on a single AAA battery, connects to your computer via USB, and retails for $330. It's the size of a cigarette lighter.

Sony introduced their new PVR SVR-2000 (Personal Video Recorder) and VCR that connects to it for one button recording of TV programs. The PVR uses TiVo™ technology and has 30 hours of recording time, uses Sony's MPEG-2 encoder chip. Retails for $399. That is lower cost than anyone else and has more storage space than any other PVR. It will be available in April, 2000.

Sony has six new HDTVs from 34" to 65", and will be available in 4:3 and 16:9 versions, they all have iLink (IEEE1394) so you can make a direct connection between your digital video camera or digital VCR, and they use second generation DRC (Digital Reality Creation, i.e., a video processor, that is selectable for 480p or 960i). You can watch a digital program and NTSC program side by side.

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