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HD DVD was around, on display in prototype- Panasonic (not shown) is promising Blu-Ray technology, currently available in Japan (you can supposedly get an HD DVD recorder for $2,700 there), with 25 GB of space for single-layer discs, and 50 GB of space for dual-layer discs, in the foreseeable future.  They can’t say exactly when, what the spec will be, or how much it’ll cost, but we should be comforted!  Now and affordable would be nice!

Samsung had a massive 102” plasma display, as a statement piece.
Panasonic was showing their solution for distributing High-Definition content via a server that could feed information over existing wiring infrastructure, through coax cable, AC power lines, or wireless adapters.

Hello, Hello?  Portable?
Ultimate Audio System -  For those of you burned out on the upgrade bug, this might be the ultimate in audio reproduction.  Or, you can simply use it as a reference to remind you how good your rig really is!

Mount Me?  -   Oh, you mean use a Vantage Point television mount.


Marketing in its most primal form. Only in Las Vegas.

Hello, Kitty Kitty – The industrial design is awesome, though when you combine these kinds of aesthetics with this level of audio performance, you pay through the nose for it, especially when you break out laughing in the middle of guzzling coffee!  It reminds me what CES is really about.

Hail to the Chief - The man responsible for bringing, according to one debatable source, the most substantial single presence of A/V press personnel, to one of the largest trade shows in the industry.  Recovering from his efforts mid-day, our mighty leader nurtures his physique with a reviving nectar on ice.
The Grotto, Depth, and Descent subwoofers from Martin Logan.  They feature force balanced woofers, rigid and resonance-free cabinets, servo correction, and audiophile grade amplification and crossover networks.  MSRP is $995, $1,795, and $2,795 respectively, with optional wood trim available on the Descent for a $100 additional charge.
The Martin Logan Dynamo is a smaller sealed subwoofer with a unique baseplate that can be arranged so the woofer is either down-firing or side-firing.  This makes cabinet installation easier.  MSRP is $599. 
New home theater sealed subwoofers from Meridian feature single driver, or . . .

dual drivers. Designed for durability under extreme use, the long-throw, heavy-duty woofers feature Kevlar cones for strength, rigidity, and resonance-free operation.  Available fall of 2005.  MSRP not available.

This Mission M-Cube home theater system, with five compact speakers, utilizes a proprietary planar technology and a subwoofer with dual 8” drivers.  The system is designed for a 300 Hz crossover point without creating any problems with subwoofer localization.
Gefen introduced numerous switchers and extenders for both DVI and HDMI. This lets you not only connect multiple HDMI sources to your display, but the cable can be long without signal loss.
This new wireless DVI system from Gefen will allow you to connect your DVI source to your projector without a long cable in between. It works through a laser beam. It will be about $1,100 when it is released.
We think some of the most beautiful equipment racks are made of glass. They have to be thick glass though, and heavy, not to mention expensive.
Theater chairs are sure comfortable these days.
This new product from Velodyne, the Subwoofer Management System, or SMS-1, has the same circuitry found in the Digital Drive subwoofers. You can use it with any subwoofer. Price will be $499.
Denon AVR-5805. You might think that this is absolutely over the top for a receiver.  Well, wait until you see the back!

Denon AVR-5805 Back.
DirecTV demonstrated their DirectDish Hat.  No dish, no receiver, no television necessary.  They beam content right into your brain, and you're happy about it until
they say otherwise!

This is not my Beautiful House.  This is not my Beautiful Wife.  This belongs to DirecTV.  And so will the world!
Krell Stuff-  Just when we thought it was 5.1, 7.1. 9.1...  No, Mono.  Well, at least you can get a deal on pairs.  $37,000 will get you TWO Evolution 2 Monaural preamplifiers.  The cool thing is, you can
slave them together, and keep chaining them on, so that you can buy 6 of them for $101,000, and have enough analog preamplification for a 5.1 setup!  What a bargain?  Want amps too?  No problem, the Evolution 1 Monaural Power Amplifier (the small thing to the left) goes for just $45,000 per couple, so a mere $135,000 if you want your speakers to actually make sound.  Still don't have speakers?  No problem.  Krell makes those too!

In a joint venture with the BBC, Meridian Audio have licensed B1 and B2 to bring Bananas In Pajamas to the states in a far racier capacity, Bananas Without Pajamas!
Melissa's favorite speaker, cosmetically speaking, is not commercially available-RBH's demonstration prop showing ALL of the available veneers for their Signature Series line.  That whacky girl!


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