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Denon AVR-4806 - MSRP: $3500 - As you can see, Denon has decided to skip the much anticipated AVR-4805 and go directly to an AVR-4806. 

The new AVR-4806 has video scaling, DVI, and HDMI-in as well as HDMI-out. It has 130 watts x 7 and shares some of the design of the AVR-5805
Energy Reference Connoisseur - $TBA - Energy is adding a complete lineup of speakers to fit in between the Connoisseurs and the Veritas.  The new lineup consists of three full range, a book shelf, a center, and a pair of surrounds.  The surrounds are very interesting with the ability to change between bipolar and dipolar mode along with a variable control for the amount of diffusion vs. direct sound the speaker produces.

Epson 1080p RPTV - MSRP: Unknown - While we couldn't find an MSRP or Model number for this 1920x1080 (1080p) RPTV, it looked amazing.  We wish we had seen more 1080p displays this year.
Mirage UNI-Theater - MSRP: $999 - Mirage has used their OMNI technology to build a single speaker which can be mounted on the wall or on a stand, for use as a left, center, or right channel speaker.  Due to the different types of reflections in each environment, there is a switch on the back to change the crossover for each situation

Parasound 7100 Surround Controller - MSRP: about $3000 - While Parasound's new processor doesn't look like the Halo Components, it shares many of the same functions and is targeted more towards the custom installers market.  There is also a new line of power amplifiers with the same look.
Earthquake once again was showing off their fantastic subs. This year, their in-wall named Thor was on display. Equipped with their SLAP technology it plays much deeper than any other in-wall I have heard.

Also on display was their largest driver, more than 12 tall, and drop dead gorgeous.
Tek Panel has integrated a PC and LCD display into a single case. The results are fantastic. The units vary in size from 24" to 40, and the PC components are fully customizable (ATX standard).

On the back is a full complement of LCD and PC connections. The PC interfaces to the LCD via DVI.
Epson had several new displays that use the 3LCD technology. This diagram was the best I have seen, and demonstrates the separation and recombination of light in the projection path.
BenQ projectors continue to become more attractive as can be seen with the 8720, featuring a 5500 contrast ratio and a 23 dB noise level, shipping summer 2005.

HP's 7120 with XGA resolution.  MSRP: $1995.
HP's ep9010 projector contains a 2.1 audio system, including a 30 watt subwoofer.  MSRP: $1995.


The 720p Marantz VP-12S4 features GENNUM VXP video processing and retails for $15,000.
The Optoma H79 features DarkChip3 720p DLP technology, offers a contrast ratio of 4000, and will be shipping Q1 2005.
The BenQ 720p 7700 is a replacement for the very popular 8700 and features a 2500 contrast ratio.  MSRP: $3299
These are new bandpass HT subwoofers from a/d/s, model numbers HT12 and HT10.  MSRP is $1,200 and $1,100 respectively.  Nice wood finish and curved box style.

The Atlantic Technology 642e is a large bass reflex model with a 12 woofer.  The woofer has recently been redesigned for more output with a stronger motor and more linear excursion.  Dual units sounded good in the demo room.  MSRP is $920.
Dynaudio Sub 250, 300, and 500 models.  The 250 and 300 are bass reflex, and the 500 is sealed.  Nice fit/finish and build.  MSRP is $1,000, $1,400, and $1,900 respectively.

This is the 250 . . .

 . . . the 300 . . .
. . . and the 500.

These new subwoofers from Klipsch have unique oval shaped port technology running diagonally from the base to the upper rear. Models shown are RW-8, RW-10, RW-12. MSRP is $300, $500, and $650 respectively.


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