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Arcam AVP700 processor - MSRP: TBA - It has XLR outputs and component video switching.

Marantz' new SR9600 processor - MSRP: TBA - It's a beast. With THX Ultra 2 certification, it supports HDMI switching and video up-conversion.
At the Microsoft booth, we saw a wide array of products designed to be integrated with the Microsoft platform.

Stack9 introduced a new line of Digital Media Systems. They put your entire digital library at your fingertips and allow you to manage your digital movies, music, photos, CDs, DVDs, downloadable audio, TV, cable, and satellite programming from a single remote.
Viewsonic had a large number of displays at the show ranging in size from 10 to 40 inches.  This one is the N4050w Nextvision HDTV Ready LCD Display.  You can see Viewsonics media distribution clients connected to the display.

Boston Acoustics' first ever receivers, the AVR-7120, is rated at 120 wpc, with an MSRP of $2,999, and . . .
. . . the AVR-7100 rated at 100 wpc, priced at $2,199.

Marantz shows their new flagship receiver, the very elegant SR9600 at MSRP of $3,499, and is THX Ultra certified.
B & K displayed their “Series 2” receivers. This one is the AVR507, with 150 wpc x 7.

Krell's SACD/CD player goes with the KAV-280p preamplifier and KAV-2250 (250 wpc x 2) power amplifier.

Very clean designed brushed aluminum faced Magenta Daleth 5.1 channel analog preamplifier at $1,620.

 . . . and the Magenta Aleph multi-channel amplifier at $1,700.

Mordaunt-Short’s “Performance” line of speakers for a complete surround sound package, are elegant, sleek and sexy.  The floor speakers will be $6,000, the center channel at $3,500, and the impressive subwoofer at $4,000 (est).

These are some very unusual looking speakers, from Acoustical Art. They are bright red, made from PVC, stand about 14" tall, and are $2,500/pair.


From NHT, these are the curvy, but wonderful sounding line “X” with the XdS satellites, the XdW, bass module, and the XdA Digital Processor/Amplifier.  Price was unavailable.

NHT also showed the modular “Room to Room” modestly priced whole house sound distribution system.  Shown here are the four-zone preamp at $400, the 301/302 amplifiers at $225, and an FM tuner available for $150.
Ethereal showed their complete line of interconnects, HDMI, and DVI cables.

These 7 foot rosewood floor-standers are the Swans 2.2s, at $68,000/pair.

Some of Snell Acoustics speakers are designed by Joe D’Appolito, including this Basic 150 subwoofer at $800 . . .

. . . and the clean-looking Series D7 loudspeakers at $1,500 each.
Martin Logan displayed the “Protégé” replacement electrostatic speakers, the “Summit”, nicely crafted with an extruded aluminum “Ultra-Rigid” frame and a substantially reduced base module clad in beautiful wood veneers.  Priced at about $10K the pair.

Sonus Faber's Stradivari Homage speakers look more like art than audio, at $40,000/pair.  Simply stunning.

Corinex - 200Mbps AV Powerline Ethernet Adapter - MSRP: $150 - There are more and more enthusiasts opting to use remote media servers for providing content to the home theater.  With HDTV here, big time bandwidth is needed to provide a seamless experience.  Most homes are not already pre-wired with CAT-5 network cable, and could really benefit from the high bandwidth Corinex AV Powerline provides.  It transmits up to 200Mbps over your home's standard AC power line, essentially networking the entire home.


Buttkicker - working name “Universal Housing Unit”.  MSRP: $TBD - This smaller Buttkicker (red housing) is suitable for use on single chairs, such as a recliner.  It will also be available at a much lower price point than the full size Buttkicker.


Dish Network Dishplayer DVR 942 - MSRP: $749 - Dual HDTV Tuner, with two TV outputs.  Allows the user to watch HDTV (HDMI or component) on the main TV while offering simultaneous standard definition DVR (Coax) playback or broadcast in the rest of the house.  Designed for future Video On Demand (VOD).  Also features a USB 2.0 connection for future devices, loading pictures and other content.  It has 25 hours HDTV / 180 hours of SDTV recording capacity. 


Shure - E4 - MSRP: $299 (on the left with chrome) - With the explosion in high performance high capacity MP3 players, Shure’s in-ear “canal phones” offer audiophile quality in a portable package.  The new E4 promises extended highs and shored up bass response, while retaining the small size and usability of the E3.

Zensonic - Z500 DVD Network Media Player - MSRP: $299 - This player handles everything . . . well everything except SACD.  It plays AAC, FLAC, WMA, WAV, Redbook, AIFF, and many more, plus multiple playlists like M3U, PLS, ASX, and the picture formats like JPG and TIFF.  For video, it will play MPEG1, 2, 4 and WMV, including the high definition encoding in both DivX and WMV.  It also has an 802.11g wireless and 10/100/1000 Mbps ethernet.  All file types can be accessed and streamed from your central music server using either connection.  It has a nice looking GUI to address your files, or even view stock and weather info.  The front panel is able to display ID3 tag information, in addition to normal functions.  Also with a USB 2.0 port, any portable storage or digital player that appears as a mass storage device can also be used.  The player can also be controlled via an external PC or Mac.  Excited yet?

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